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Hi All,

I've been requested to bake a wedding cake. 

The bride wants it to look like an old fashioned 3 tiered layered cake with sugar paste roses and she wants a mousse filling.

The cake must double as dessert. Do you have any ideas for me please- recipes, photos

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I think maybe you need to talk to the bride. Maybe a chocolate cake and when it is served there chocolate sauce in a jug? I don't see how mousse is possible but others may. On a side comment, it never ceases to amaze me how brides think anything is possible lol. Most of them can be reasonable, but I have turned a few away who wanted a miracle and wouldn't change their mind lol.

Thanks Diane, I will jot down your idea and bounce that -with some other ideas I found on the websites- off the bride.

And I do agree with your comment made.

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