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chunk of coal under my tree , Santa must have loved my cookies ??

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yes a real chunk of coal ! lol

art deco cakes by galidink said:

My, My Gali, whatever did you do or NOT do to deserve THAT.... lol
But I also see some beautiful roses..Does that mean you were 1/2 naughty & 1/2 nice???

Hmm Where the heck did he even get that.

lol yup Betty ,, Goreti  from SANTA !!! LOL , it was under one of our tree's in our yard !!! 2 DZ ROSE'S I WAS 2/3 GOOD !! LOL

lol, you've gotta love the guy that thought this up!

yup ! my man is crazy funny ! I love him ,
Katy Nott said:

lol, you've gotta love the guy that thought this up! .....if I got this I'd want some serious bling to go along with it!!!! But the roses were a nice touch....hee hee. I hope you can actually burn the coal???

we had to take the coal furnace out , it had a crack in it !

No wonder it had a crack in it if you were using 200 pound lumps of coal!

lol ! it was like that when we bought the house , valentines day will be a yr ago !  

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