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I am in the very beginning stages of trying to organize a cake auction at an art gallery. If I have enough interested cake decorators, this will be the first event. If it goes well, then I will organize them in different art galleries.

So, I still have to gather information to see how to go about this, but the idea would be to bring together a number of cake decorators to my parents' art gallery in Windsor, New York. It is located 20 minutes outside of Binghamton, near the Pennsylvania border. (Yup, making my parents the guinea pigs). This is their gallery.

I'm thinking of doing this during the cooler weather, so no one has to worry about transporting a cake in hot weather.

I'm all ears for suggestions and feedback anyone has about having done something similar. At this point, I don't have any details.

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Wow, this sounds like so much fun. I wish I was closer. Cake is an art! This appears to be win-win for the cakes and art galleries - everybody loves cake and art galleries! I wish everyone success!
Oh cool! I'll be interested to hear the details as they unfurl.
I would be interested and I think my friend Mary who is also a member might be interested we live a couple hours from there so not too far .
I'd be on it in a heartbeat if I lived anywhere near there! Unfortunately.... on the opposite side of the US... hope it goes well! Sounds like fun!
I live a couple hours I would be interested along with a friend who is also a member.
great idea!! hope it goes well!
this sounds like a great idea! wish i had some info for you, but i will support the effort put forth! count me in!
As long as it isn't too too far I'd be interested! Sounds like an awesome idea! I can't wait to hear more.
I would definitely be interested in hearing more info!
This sounds great but I live in Canada so its too far!
Please let me know what you do. Maybe I can see if there would be interest in my area. I would love to have something like this around here to be able so see other work, and maybe share other ideas, tips and concerns in the cake world. I love this site, but it seeing and meeting people in person is always nice too.
I'd be interested but not sure my driver (aka my hubby) would be. LOL I did just look on mapquest and I'm only about 4 hours away, so it wouldn't be too bad a drive. But I'm still interested. :o)

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