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Someone was asking what PME in PME Sugarcraft stands for.

My father, Malcolm Craig started a company called Precision Machining Engineers In 1957. In the early 1970's my mother attended cake decorating evening classes and Dad, in his usual way, took a great interest in Mum's new hobby. He soon started designing and making sugarcraft equipment for Mum to try out and this soon led to Precision Machining Engineers and Sugarcraft Supplies being born. Eventually the two arms of my father's business were separated into PME Technical, manufacturing anything from hospital equipment to precision parts for aircraft and PME Sugarcraft manufacturing the cleverly designed and engineered seamless icing nozzles and plunger cutters to name but two of my father's many innovative products. These were highly sought after in over 30 countries and known in the trade to be the Rolls Royce of sugarcrft products.

Sadly, Dad died in 2001 and PME Technical ceased to be. PME Sugarcraft was sold and continues to manufacture my father's products to this day and so his legacy lives on. 


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