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What is OSSAS? It's the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. The
biggest cake competition in the USA and around the world.
Every year this is the destination for lots of the best Cake Designers.
The Show is Directed by Kerry Vincent, who is a judge for the TV Show Challenge on the Food Network.

I started attending this event in 2007 and it was amazing. Now it has become my favorite event in the "Cake World". I attend every year and mark my calendar for the year to come. Not only is it a "Cake Person's" fantasy land of inspirational works, it has competitions for all ages and skill levels. It is held at the Tulsa State Fair, so the entire family can enjoy a wide variety of exhibits, rides, games, and foods.

This year I was Invited to be a Judge. It was an awesome experience.

Here I am with 2 of the other Judges Jennifer Matsubara and Dianne Gruenberg. And the lady taking the photo was Dawn Parrot who was a Judge too.

There are different judges for different divisions. Ours was Juniors, Teens and adult beginners. Every division has different themes. Some of them are wedding tiered cakes, non wedding tiered cakes, holidays, chocolate, sugar pieces that are not on a cake and so on.

Here I am with Kerry taking a break after a day of work. It was an awesome experience. I call it my Cake Disney World!.

I had a wonderful time. Met a lot of friends that always write me and mingle with some of the best in the business!

Inlcuding Mercedes Strawschky, Chef Dominic Palazzolo from Make your own Molds and Jackie from the Cake Central Magazine!

In this photo you will see the cake that won

Best of Show. The cake had angel figurines made to look like shiny porcelain. There where a lot of details on this cake.

The cake was made by Flora Aghababyan. She used the Ettal Abey Monastery as her inspiration.

Next year theme is "Wedding Cakes that Rock"

Basically is open to any design.

I can't wait for next year show!

Ta ta!

Edna :)

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Comment by vanessa Oceg on May 6, 2011 at 2:38am
This is amazing!!! I will be there one day! no matter what it takes!

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