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 this is the gardenia taught in this tutorial


tools needed, needle nose pliers, celcakes,white floral wire,white floral tape,brush,gumpaste,gum glue,board,small roller and yellow petal dust.



here,i have made a tear drop shape out of RKT and and inserted floral wire with the tip bent and dipped in gum glue,(water with fondant or gumpaste in it and microwaved)let dry approx 2hrs or just put in the frige for 1hour, if u want you can make it from gumpaste or purchase the styrofoam rose  shapes from online suppliers, but this is cheaper and faster to do this way. Once this shape is ready cover it in gumpaste and let dry. The teardrop shape should be a bit smaller than the cutter u are using.  I dont have gardenia cutters so i used cutters that are similar in shape and size. i use the wilton large rose cutter and the casablanca large cutter for the outer petals. in this bottom pic i cut three petals from the wilton large rose cutter. you want to use the ball tool to thin the ends and you want to add some gum glue onto the bottom half of the petals and to arrange them on the tear drop shape in a spiral motion, so one petal will overlap the other

overlapped petals in a spiral motion, let this dry standing for a 3hrs. 

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