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Exclusive Ideas To Get Unique, Special And Personalized Photo Cake

You feel special, when you see your name or signature engraved upon something. It makes you feel proud of being more prominent. This happiness becomes more delightful, when you actually see your photograph engraved on it. And imagine if you can actually eat your own photograph in the form of a cake. Sounds scary, but its damn amazing and super fun to do. With us you get an amazing chance to throw an idea to make your own personalized cake. Our bakers are not only just bakers, but they are actually designers, who carve their heart out as a creation on every cake and not at all treat it like just another dessert.

We value your impression and even our brand image so we are always careful with the quality part. Our researchers are aggressively contributing with newer ideas to give our patrons a whole new generation of cakes. The digital print of a photograph is totally pixel free, crystal clear, digitized and more over picturesque. Every cake will make you look more photogenic, there is also an option for designing unique cakes where in the shape and size vary from the  geometrical figure and gives a creative outline of the structure.


For an example, if you want a car cake, or a ship shaped cake. Our online cake shop will bring at your doorstep a cake fulfilling all your creative expectation with just a click. Our payment options are also quiet, hassle free as we offer our patrons an easy way to transfer your money, while paying through credit cards and other online gateway methods, which are still in progress.

We also experiment with tastes; yes, our bakers do modify even the flavors that you wish to add in your cakes. Our bakers can be called as a bunch of scientist, who is working for the society’s betterment and welfare by baking them desserts, and to make their life sweeter with it. Cake2homes has brought you a one of a kind experience that helps you not to move in the scorching heat and just lay back enjoy and order your photo cake online at an ease.

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