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With the holiday season approaching (quite fast) I thought it might be fun to share a tutorial on a sugar snowman cake. I was inspired by Alan Dunn’s  Christmas Cakes (a perfect gift for any cake enthusiast). I knew the cake would be a fun project, but I must admit I was caught off guard at the amount of excitement that came over me as I began bringing the cake to life. I found myself giggling like a first grader as he become more real. I wish...


Pre-color the fondant and gumpaste, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and set to the side.

Prepare your mise en place.


The Snowman’s Body:

Knead half of the fondant with half of the gumpaste. Roll out the half n half kneaded paste, sprinkle with super fine sugar.  Roll the paste out again, sprinkle a little more sugar, and gently roll the sugar into the paste.

Creating the Face of the Snowman and Placing Him on the Cake:

The Scarf:

The scarf is made of three strips equal in wideness, two long and one short. Color a small amount of gumpaste light blue, knead well and roll out fairly thin. Using a ribbon cutter (or a ruler and a-ceto knife) cut three strips, lightly ball tool.

You will be amazed and cherish the time you spend with your family creating the snowman cake; watch your children’s eyes as your snowman comes to life!

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