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Hello peeps,

My name is Gen, and my best friend (Leigh) and I started Simply D.Licious! in June 2012.

We are blessed - there is no doubt. Business is good and we have fantastic clients. We have also become involved with charity work (cupcake style :-) which is great.

We recently completed our biggest undertaking to date which was 1000 cupcakes for National Cupcake Day (held on 28 September 2013 in South Africa), the funds going to children/families with cancer.

To get an idea of where I am ACTUALLY coming from with this post, you need to know that Leigh and I also work full time, are married and have children (she has 1 little boy of 5, I have 2 little boys of 3 and 5) and we cake in the evenings between the ridiculous hours of 9pm to 2 or 3am. (The things we do for love!! LOL!)

So, when asked to bake and decorate 1000 cupcakes for a charity, are we insane? The cause is worthy, there is no doubt, but we have also had to turn away so many clients because of it. Who else has the same quandry? 

The end result is that we will happily be part of the same fundraising event next year, but most definitely to a lesser degree ... and spend more time with our little people instead.

Hoping everyone is having a really super evening (or day, wherever you are), and happy baking to you all.



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