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Capturing a Courtship - Icing Image Wedding Cake

We are going to let the pictures speak in place of words….just like this stunning cake by Sugar Sugar Cake Studio did!

This wedding cake showed the courtship of the bride and groom through pictures and was featured on TLC’s Four Weddings. (Season 6, Episode 6)

All pictures were printed with an edible printing system with  edible inks and Premium Icing Sheets from Icing Images!

And for a shameless plug, a quote from Ted at Sugar Sugar Cake Studio…

“We use Icing Images Icing Sheets and we love them.  Icing Images calls them Premium Icing Sheets and they are absolutely right.  We tried ALL the icing sheets on the market and the ones from Icing Images are above and beyond the best.  They are the highest quality, the images printed on them look fantastic and they are EASY to peel off of the plastic backing when it is time to decorate a cake.  For printing, we use a Canon printer with Elite Edible Ink Cartridges from Icing Images.”

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