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There are so many great decorating techniques out there that look so good and I am definitely a little addicted to pinning things on Pinterest (pinned loads to my inspiration board

Brush embroidery is something that I think looks so beautiful. 

These are definitely not perfect and there are some lessons learnt for next time but I am reasonably happy with how they turned out. 

My icing was no where near thick enough but I used all the icing I had and a trip to shops for more was just not happening. 

Hopefully if the icing is thicker next time they will then out better. 

Using the cookie cutter as an outline was so useful, having something to follow with the icing to start off with was really useful. 

The tip of my piping bag was also not small enough but had to work with whati had, a full set of piping nozzles is on my wish list though amongst many other things but my baking boxes are far too full as it is.

I tried to read as many different instructions as possible and watched several online tutorials but often mistakes have to be figured out when you're doing something. When I have more ingredients I will be trying this again hopefully with better results :)

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