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Birthday cakes to make a wish and be happy

Cakes are delicious and one of the most popular deserts available in the world. These days, varieties of cakes are available. There are too many flavors and shapes along with decorations and one can choose from the endless number of options available.

To send birthday cakes online, one can choose a birthday cake from online cake websites and send it to the one who you wish to send those cakes on their birthdays.

Why people started cutting cakes on their birthdays?

People are celebrating birthdays and cutting cakes on this special day for years now. But have you ever wondered why people cut a cake on their birthdays? Well, definitely there is a story behind it.

As people say, that this specialized birthday cakes were actually originated in Germany during 15th century. Before that, cakes were cut mainly in celebrations like weddings. But yes, before Industrial Revolution took place, this concept of cutting a birthday cake was mainly a fancy for the rich and wealthy people. But post this revolution, the concept of birthday cakes became more popular and as materials and ingredient prices got cheaper, it became a regular thing in common households as well.

Birthday cakes also have candles lit on it which is a tradition running down for thousand years and it also has a story behind it. The story goes like this, in ancient Greece, there was Artemis; who was worshiped as the goddess of hunt and the goddess of the Moon. To offer her, people used to bring her cakes which were adorned with candles so that, it can glow just like a moon does. When the candles were blown out, the smoke that came out was believed to carry the prayers of common men till the moon so that the goddess would know what they want and try to fulfill their wishes. That is why; people ask the birthday boy or the girl to make a wish while they are blowing out the candles before cutting the cake.

You can also bake a cake and send it to your loved ones. Baking a cake is not a very tough thing to do now.People can get the vital ingredients like eggs, white flour, sugar syrup and butter very easily. Decorations and add one like creams, strawberries and other things are also available easily. If one wants, they can also add whipped cream or fresh fruits after baking a cake. Cakes are must in any family occasions these days. On birthdays, cakes have become inevitable now. If you can bake a cake for your loved ones, then they will be very happy to cut the cake on their special day.

But if you still want go for cake delivery then also you can go through various sites and search for the innumerable varieties of cakes that are available. Cake is a source of happiness. Share it with your near and dear ones. Enjoy any special day by cutting a cake as this has become a ritual now.

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Comment by Chetan Winni on September 22, 2017 at 8:16am

So Birthday cake was first cut in Germany, Now it's Everywhere I am observing that craze here in INDIA, many orders for a single day, many brands started E-Commerce platform for sending cakes, many Vendors start working on Cake Delivery in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and all over the INDIA. The Celebration will go better and better as cakes flavors, its shapes, ideas are making more attractive and Best way to celebrate

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