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6-8-10-12-14" square tiers, stacked, all buttercream. White base with damask stenciling in black.

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Comment by Michelle Bomgaars on September 4, 2011 at 8:32pm
Thank you!  Stencil first, then stack.  Some of the stencil patterns go very close to the edge (like the bottom tier) and you can end up with colored frosting on your cake board, which would end up on your cake if you stacked it first.  Also, you can choose which side came out the best and face it to the front when you get around to stacking it.  Stenciling is very easy to do, but practice on a dummy first to learn how thick or thin to make the icing layer.  The finer the detail in your plastic, the thinner you will want your icing layer to be.  Too thick and the frosting will come back up with the stencil when you remove it.   Also, square cakes work better because you can lay the stencil flat.  Certain designs will not work well on the round ones.  If your stencil is not flat against the cake, the frosting goes under the stencil and ruins the design.  This cake has a very forgiving design and is a good pattern for a first time.  Also, you do not need a lot of colored frosting for this.  I tinted a cereal sized bowl for this cake and it was more than enough.  Good luck and have fun with it!
Comment by Jenifer T on June 1, 2011 at 10:41am
this is awesome!!

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