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I want everybody's thoughts on what their favorite fondant is and why.  I have done Satin Ice, Duff, and I recently saw a video on utube which adds Wilton to MMF.  Just want to hear some opinions.  Would be very grateful for your input.  I have made MMF and love it, but have heard it tears, thus the video of adding Wilton,  On my books I used Duff and candy clay mixture.  That was good.  But I'm covering a Thomas cake for my 2 year old grandson, so..... bring it on :-)

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I really love working with FondX rolled fondant.  It has been my favorite fondant to use for all of my cakes for many years.  It's really easy to knead and roll out and has a really nice MMF vanilla flavor.  Most people call it MMF but premade.  It tastes kind of like the middle of an oreo cookie.  But I really love the texture most.  I usually buy mine from  Hope that helps!


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