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they thought they were making shutters of!lunettes oakley pas cher Innocent love has at least this advantage over melodramatic,that it can extract exquisite sweetness out of so small a thing. These sweethearts were not alone,could not open their hearts,must not even gaze too long; yet to be in the same room even on such terms was a taste of Heaven.
But,dear heart!said Mrs. Maxley,ye don't tell me what he ailed. Ma'am,if you had seen him you would have said he was taken for death.
Pray what is the complaint.inquired Mrs. Dodd.
Oh,didn't I tell ye.Poisoned.
This intelligence was conveyed with true scientific calmness,and received with feminine ejaculations of horror. Mrs. Maxley was indignant into the bargain: Don't ye go giving my house an ill name!We keeps no poison.
Sampson fixed his eyes sternly on her: Wumman,ye know better: ye keep strychnine,for th' use and delectation of your domestic animal.
Strychnine!I never heard tell of it. Is that Latin for arsenic?
Now isn't this lamentable.Why,arsenic is a mital; strychnine a vigitable. N'hist me!Your man was here seeking strychnine to poison his mouse; a harmless,domistic,necessary mouse. I told him mice were a part of Nature as much as Maxleys,and life as sweet tit as tim: but he was dif to scientific and chrisehin preceps; so I told him to go to the Deevil: ‘I will,' sis he,and went t' a docker. The two assassins have poisoned the poor beastie between 'em; and thin,been the greatest miser in the world,except one,he will have roasted his victim,and ate her on the sly,imprignated with strychnine. ‘I'll steal a march on t'other miser,' sis he; and that's you: t' his brain flew the strychnine: his brain sint it to his spinal marrow: and we found my lorrd bent like a bow,and his jaw locked,and nearer knowin the great secret than any man in England will be this year to live: and sairves the assassinating old vagabin right.
Heaven forgive you,Doctor,said Mrs. Maxley,half mechanically.
For curin a murrderer.Not likely.
Mrs. Maxley,who had shown signs of singular uneasiness during Sampson's explanation,now rose,and said in a very peculiar tone she must go home directly.
Mrs. Dodd seemed to enter into her feelings,and made her go in the fly,taking care to pay the fare and the driver out of her own purse. As the woman got into the fly,Sampson gave her a piece of friendly and practical advice. Nixt time he has a mind to breakfast on strychnine,you tell me; and I'll put a pinch of arsenic in the salt-cellar,and cure him safe as the bank. But this time he'd have been did and stiff long before such a slow ajint as arsenic could get a hold on um.
They sat down to luncheon,but neither Alfred nor Julia fed much,except upon sweet stolen looks; and soon the active Sampson jumped up,and invited Alfred to go round his patients. Alfred could not decline,but made his adieux with regret so tender and undisguised,that Julia's sweet eyes filled,and her soft hand instinctively pressed his at parting to console him. She blushed at herself afterwards,but at the time she was thinking only of him.
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