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So I know right now I know it's just myself and Alan, but I thought I would start a discussion where members can introduce ourselves!

My name is Dana Olson and I've been decorating for almost three years now.  I'm from the twin cities area of MN and  I work in a grocery store bakery.  I do as much caking at home as I can.  Of course, with the law regarding home bakeries in MN, it can get a little frustrating when people want to buy my cakes, but hopefully that can change soon!  Or when my husband and I move into our next house, it will have a detached garage that I can convert to a kitchen (dream a little dream!).

I got started decorating when I was working as a cashier.  One day they were short handed in the bakery and asked if I could help package dinner rolls.  The manager in the bakery and I were chatting and it came out that I went to culinary school after high school, but never really pursued a career because I never felt it wasn't the right fit for me.  She asked if I would have interest in decorating since one of her decorators threw her back out.  I said yes because I really didn't want to be a cashier anymore.  Best career move I've ever done.

I now do as much as I can from home so I can further my talent.  Just recently I've tried applying to a few bakeries and cake shops in the area with no call backs, but I'm still hopeful!  

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How much baking are you doing at home? I want to practice more but have very few occasions to celebrate to justify making that many cakes. :>) How is the job search going for you now, as it has been a few months since you originally posted.
Right now I have a cake to do for my nephew's birthday this weekend. Then the weekend after that is his mother's birthday, so I'll have another after that. Just recently though I had a friend suggest that I have "tasting parties". She offered to bring the coffee and I just come up with a couple new recipes to try and get feedback on. I got a lot of good responses when I brought up the idea to some friends and family.

No news on the job front. I think I'm gonna call around again.
coffee AND cake? What?! That's just crazy... crazy delicious. I thought about making cakes for birthdays at church, just to get more cakes done but I dread making frosting. When I start a new hobby, there is always one thing that I find very difficult to master, and of course it is a foundational aspect to the hobby I am doing; with pottery, it is centering; with stained glass it is soldering... and with cakes, it's getting the right consistency for my frosting. It would be nice to talk to someone with more experience... :>)

Hi! I'm Crissy. I'm 37 and a Stay At Home Mom. My daughter, Emma is 7 and I have been married to Bill for almost 11 years. I started decorating cakes in 1997 when I got my very first job as a cake decorator in the local grocery store bakery. I really didn't know what I was doing, but learned fast. I was soon one of the best cake decorators in the area and had my loyal customers. I admit, I'm not the greatest cake decorator to ever exist, and have never claimed to be, but I can hold my own and my friends and family love the cakes I make. I really wish I had pictures of the cakes and cookies I decorated when I worked in the bakery. I hope to learn the art of fondant, gum paste, and cake sculpting soon.


I stumbled upon this site while researching how to open my own home based Cake Decorating business and have found a lot of useful information here.


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