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So I found this last night when I was goofing around the internet.

Thoughts?  Concerns?  Woots of joy?

I have to say initially I was so excited to read that I could sell cakes and cookies at a farmers market.  Then I remembered where I live and all the markets I've heard of only operate May through November (depending on location).  So while this may not make me able to totally quit my full time job, I could at least go to part time during those months to work a farmers market.  Which is something I would enjoy soooo much more I think.

Has anyone ever done this?  If so did you have much success or was it a waste of your time? The guidelines say I have to post a sign saying the goods are homemade and not subject to inspection.  I was wondering if that would turn some people off.  Then I was wondering if I could take orders for some stuff that the people would pick up at the market.

Guess I just have to call that number and ask some questions!

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