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Hi, hopefully someone can help me.  I am having problems getting my images to print correctly on the 1.25" and 2" circle premium icing sheets from icing images.  I don't know if my settings are off or if I am doing something wrong.  Also, I read a post on another site that said it's better to buy full sheets then cut the circles with a circle cutter.  Is that possible and does it work well?  Thanks!

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Make sure you use iiPrint and follow the set up directions carefully.

sorry i should have mentioned that - I am using iiPrint however, the images are not lined up a the right place, I've been playing with the settings to move the images left and up but am still having trouble.  I wasted 3 sheets already and don't want to think of how much ink.  Is there another way or a tip that could be helpful?  Or is it all trial and error?  

Peel off the circles on one of the "wasted sheets"  so you have clear windows.  Then print on paper and lay under the clear windows to see if they will line up.  I keep a used sheet with the clear windows just for that purpose so I don't waste any.  I haven't gotten any to line up perfectly but have come pretyy close.  Hope that helps.

The most important thing is to make sure that all the printing instuctions were followed and you are putting the sheet in tab first.  Make sure you have the A4 paper selected and the guides in the back are snug on the paper. Glenda is correct in using the clear windows of a used icing sheet. You can test print on 8.5x11" plain paper but keeping the paper setting on a4, you will then match up the top center of the windowed sheet with the test paper to see how it is lining up.  I hope this makes sense to you!


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