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Hi, I am having a really hard time with my printer printing red.  The pink just does not seem to work.  It is a new cartridge.  I have cleaned the printhead.  I am waisting so much ink going through the printer cleaning, except pink of course.  I am at my wits end.  Last week I tried to pink in yellow and it actually came out pink.  I am so close to throwing the whole in the garbage.  Please help.

Thank you

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Ok, relax, we should be ableto help you figure it out however I have a lot of questions. I man it's rue what systemy ou have or what ink, but it is best to email redirect at Even if itis not our product we will help you. We will need to know the following.first if it is a new cartridge and it is ours did you remove the release tape? Second, what printer, when was the last time you had it working? Email me direct at as I have quicker access to that email address.

i had the same problem and it happened that it was clog i left the head printer with the cleaning solution for 1 whole day after that i haven't had any problem anymore.

Glad the cleaning solution helped. 


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