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Air Jordan 11 Retro

espair. He felt,however,that the doubt in his mind must be satisfied at all hazards; so choking down an emotion that was almost as boundless as her own,he ventured to ask:
Is it among the possibilities that you could ever again contemplate giving yourself in marriage to Craik Mansell,no matter what the issue of the coming trial may be?
A shudder quick and powerful as that which follows the withdrawal of a dart from an agonizing wound shook her whole frame for a moment,but she answered,steadily:
No; how can you ask,Mr. Orcutt?
A gleam of relief shot across his somewhat haggard features.
Then,said he,it will be no treason in me to assure you that never has my love been greater for you than to-day. That to save you from the pain which you are suffering,I would sacrifice every thing,even my pride. If,therefore,there is any kindness I can show you,any deed I can perform for your sake,I am ready to attempt it,Imogene.
Would you - she hesitated,but gathered courage as she met his eye -would you be willing to go to him with a message from me?
His glance fell and his lips took a line that startled Imogene,but his answer,though given with bitterness was encouraging.
Yes,he returned; even that.
Then,she cried,tell him that to save the innocent,I had to betray the guilty,but in doing this I did not spare myself; that whatever his doom may be,I shall share it,even though it be that of death.
Will you tell him.she asked.
But he would not have been a man,much less a lover,if he could answer that question now. Seizing her by the arm,he looked her wildly in the face.
Do you mean to kill yourself.he demanded.
I feel I shall not live,she gasped,while her hand went involuntarily to her heart.
He gazed at her in horror.
And if he is cleared.he hoarsely ejaculated.
I- I shall try to endure my fate.
He gave her another long,long look.
So this is the alternative you give me.he bitterly exclaimed. I must either save this man or see you perish. Well,he declared,after a few minutes' further contemplation of her face,I will save this man - that is,if he will allow me to do so.
A flash of joy such as he had not perceived on her countenance for weeks transformed its marble-like severity into something of its pristine beauty.
And you will take him my message also.she cried.
But to this he shook his head.
If I am to approach him as a lawyer willing to undertake his cause,don't you see I can give him no such message as that?
Ah,yes,yes. But you can tell him Imogene Dare has risked her own life and happiness to save the innocent.
I will tell him whatever I can to show your pity and your misery.
And she had to content herself with this. In the light of the new hope that was thus unexpectedly held out to her,it did not seem so difficult. Giving Mr. Orcutt her hand,she endeavored to thank him,but the reaction from her long suspense was too much,and,for the first time in her brave young life,Imogene lost consciousness and fainted quite away.
Chapter 25
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