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If you re looking for a Xbox cake idea look no further. Our members have uploaded many different xbox cake pictures.  If you have made an xbox cake please add the picture to the reply section below. I want to make this the best resource for xbox cakes on the web.

Xbox Cake Photos

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x box controller cake made for my sisters house-mate


Completely edible-except lights of course! controller is RKT covered in chocolate then fondant. console is cake. game is sold MM fondant with wafer paper set on top and me hand painting a call of duty game layout with the birthday boys face.lights are set behind homemade candy colored green.

Completely edible-except lights-controller is RKT covered in chocolate then MM fondant. console is cake. game is solid MM fondant with wafer paper on top then me painting it to look like the modern warfare game, only chaning it to marital warfare for the grooms cake here and adding their initials-M and A-on the bottom like the mature rating etc. the lights were set behind homemade candy circles colored green.

This was a birthday cake for a nine year old boy. It is a white cake with strawberry vanilla buttercream and vanilla fondant.


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