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I recently started working with gum paste.  I LOVE how my flowers have turned out but I'm having issues with the gum paste sticking to my shaping tools and the craft foam!  Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong???  I have a feeling that I haven't added enough powdered sugar but then again, I don't want to dry out my gum paste either!  Any advice on working with gum paste would be greatly appreciated!  :)

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I recommend you to use, Bakels or Satin Ice gumpaste, it's superior in every aspect, also is less expensive compare to almost $10 for 1 pound of Wiltons to $7.50 for 2 pounds on Satin Ice. But you have to buy it online, it's better to have a good one. Also you can convert your fondant in gumpaste by adding Tylose to your fondant. good luck.

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