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Hi everyone

I am busy with my last cake of the year and its proving to possibly be the toughest of the year.

Its a 2 tiered topsy turvy cake.


The fondant keeps tearing :( Its very hot in south africa tonight and my fan just broke (I could cry)


How else can I work with the fondant to ensure that I can cover these cakes without anything tearing?


Also can I store the cake in the furdge over night to keep it cool? will it affect the fondant negatively?


Hope you have some suggestions

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Try adding some more shortening to your fondant. When kneading, fondant should feel smooth and elastic, kind of stretchy. Then the other thing I would suggest is, rolling your fondant between 2 heavy pieces of plastic/vinyl. I have The Mat, but if you don't, as suggested, the plastic/viynl. Don't know if this suggestion is too late. You might not be able to get your hands on some heavy plastic/vinyl by the time you get this post.

You can store your cake in the fridge, but when you remove from the fridge, allow the cake/fondant to come to room temperature. Don't touch the fondant. It will sweat, but leave it be, that will eventually evaporate. If yku can store your cake in a cardboard box, that does help reduce the condensation.

Hope this helps. :o)

Hey June

I added some tylose to the mix and left it to stand before placing it on the cake. Still not the best fondant work Ive done this year but I also added some decorations to hide the "mistakes"

Wow what a night and what a way to end of the year lol


Thanks so much for your help June! Hope you have a wondereful christmas and new year!

Well the tylose worked. And everything worked out Ok. That is the main thing.  I can't imagine it being hot, cause it is so cold here. But you are in another hemisphere!!

Merry Christmas to you as well. :o)

I am in Durban, and as you can imagine, its sooo very hot this time of year!  And the humidity is even worse! I dont add Tylose to fondant, it dries it out too much.  I also dont put my cakes in the fridge after the fondant is on, i just make sure its under a fan, till its ready to go!  I have had disasters with fondant 'sweating', its really yucky, but a fan seems to work wonders!

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