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Hey everyone, I have an interview to be the lead decorator at a bakery and was wondering how to go about this. Would you prefer to be paid hourly, salary, etc?

I would greatly appreciate all feedback, have an awesome weekend.

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With a salary you still get paid the same during slack times, but you may end up working without OT during the busy times!

Just IMHO!



Mimi you have my daughter's name too! LOL

I truly appreciate your reply! :-)  Next question, how much should i charge? :-/

Whatever the market will bear.

Maybe ask around the other bakeries that have the same volume and standards that yours does.

(altho I doubt you will get a true answer).

Anyone else?



I just retired from bakery business. Keep these in thought as you go for interview. Paid salary= how many hours per week, how much overtime will be expected (remember you don't get paid extra for overtime), Ask about benefits if there are any available. Hourly= You should be paid for over time hours and there are usually no benifits for anyone working on an hourly basis. Also, where you are to be head decorator you should be paid more than those that are working with you. That depends also on you experience.(Dosen't matter how long you have been working at home) it is years in work force that they will ask about. Ask about potential pay increases. The rate of pay really depends on your area. Ask around,make a few phone calls. I live in Canada so pay rates would be really very different. Go for it and best of luck!

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