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I have had this recurring problem, rarely, but it is distressing when it happens!  Sometimes after I have iced my cake and it sits overnight, large tumor-like bubbles (air pockets) will form under the icing on the side of the cake and eventually the icing will fall off in that spot.  The best I can figure is that there is a moisture buildup between the cake and the icing, and the icing will bulge in this spot (no, it is NOT the filling squeezing out - the pocket is filled with air).  I can fix it by piercing the bubble and pressing the icing back down ("burping" it) or by scraping the spot and re-icing the area.  WHY does this happen??? Am I doing something wrong??  It has happened both to cakes that go through temperature changes, but also to cakes that stay consistently at room temperature or refrigerated.  It has also happened both to cakes with crumb coats and cakes without.  HELP!!


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Rebecca ~ I'm sorry that I can't answer your question but it must be a full moon for bakers this week! Just about everyone that I have spoken to has had some type of cake disaster this week including me.
Hi Rebecca, I think it's too much frosting on the side. I say this because I had the same exact problem with SOOOOO many cakes last year! Here's one I caught on film:
That cake was bad from start to finish but it started a quest to see why it kept happening. My hubby was actually the one who suggested that I try less frosting and it's been working so far :)
Hi Rebecca - I understand your buttecream frustration. Mine isn't sliding off the cake, but it's just not crusting up like it usually does and I'm getting little "pits" in it no matter how much I smooth. Grrrrrr. I think I beat it too long and there's too much air in it maybe?

I agree with Diana - must be something about the moon. ;) I have a cake in the refrigerator I hope will have crusted enough by morning to finish. Right now I don't want to put any details on it for fear they'll come right off!! I hope so because I have to deliver it at noon. Looks like an early morning for me.
I was out late last night picking up my son and there definitely was an ugly full moon out and when I say ugly, there was a yellowish fogginess look about it. There I go making up words ~ LOL. I spent most of my day calming my friend down after her leaning cake yesterday. It looked as though she didn't have a good support system on the bottom tier because the side that she put a large tree on with fondant started to lean into the cake.

That leads into another questions: If you put fondant decorations on a tall tiered cake, should you balance it on all sides to even out the weight or is it all about the support system?

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