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This is a very simple recipe and I know plenty of mousse recipes have eggs and other ingredients, but it's good, so why mess with it?

10 oz. high quality white chocolate (I prefer Lindt or Ghiradelli)*
2 Tbps. water
2 Tbsp. vanilla
2 cups heavy cream

Break white chocolate up into pieces and place in the top of a double boiler. Add the vanilla and water to chocolate. Cover with saran wrap and let sit over simmering water about 5 minutes.

Stir chocolate mixture until chocolate is completely melted. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.

Beat heavy cream until you start seeing streaks appear.

Fold chocolate mixture into heavy cream. Place in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and chill for several hours.

I don't even bother to try to fill a cake after I first make it. It's much too soft. Once it chills, it will be much firmer and won't squish out of the middle of the cake.

*I wouldn't recommend using Nestle's chips for this. The better quality chocolate has a higher ratio of cocoa butter and that's what gives the white chocolate a good flavor.

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I refrigerate fondant covered cakes.

Daisy Brown said:
Theresa I needed that advice about refrigerating a fondant covered cake. Sometimes it's late when I have to make a cake and I just want cover the cake to get it out the way, That way I can get up in the morning and finish the details.

Theresa Happe said:
You can refrigerate a fondant covered cake. If it gets sticky, the condensation will dry out. Putting the cake in a box will help with the condensation issue.

Diana said:
Mmmmmmm! I think I will actually make the white chocolate mousse for the filling (for this large cake I'm baking now)! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Oh! But I do have a question: Anytime you make a filling with heavy whipping cream, after you've filled the cake, can it sit out for a little while (especially if I'm covering the cake in fondant? I know you should never refrigerate a fondant covered cake). So does that mean no fillings with heavy whipping cream in it??? I get bored with the BC fillings!
Does this recipe make enough to fill a 12" x 18" sheet cake...or should I double it?
this may sound obvious to others but I can make this into a dark chocolate mousse right?

OH you must try Theresa's Chocolate ganache recipe and if you want it as icing and/or filling she gives the instructions on how to do that too.  I love this!



grazia serra-johnson said:

this may sound obvious to others but I can make this into a dark chocolate mousse right?


I have a ding-dong question, Theresa I love the chocolate Ganache recipe so much and now I must try this one as well.  After it is in the refrigerator to chill for several hours, am I going to whip it like I did for the ganache to make the filling?


see now I've been doing my home work and from what I understand using a "HEAVY" cream opposed to a "WHIP CREAM" can damage your cake. especially if you're covering in fondant and wish for it to stay out for more then 5 hours. Is this true ladies? gracie:)
Jeri-would you mind sharing your recipe with us...please?  ..with a cherry on top?

jeri c said:
Similar to what I do for a white chocolate ganache. I don't add the water though. Good stuff!

Where I live the humidity is simply too high to even contemplate putting a cake in the fridge! If I was to do that the cake would be irreparably damaged! I don't have the luxury of air conditioning so I have come up with ways to minimise the effects of humidity on my cakes. When the humidity starts hitting 80% (the other night it was 95% ) the fondant becomes sticky and too soft to handle, and makes the cake shiny and plastic looking. Yeech!

  1. When humidity is high I decorate at night - this means I am up at midnight and beyond, with a fan to help with air circulation
  2. I have a really large box to put my cakes in and a desiccant (kitty litter, closet camel etc)
  3. If I am making gumpaste decorations, they also get place in a box as I make them to protect them from the humidity
  4. I have also switched to using a gelatine based fondant recipe (not marshmallow fondant) as it seems to cope with the humidity better
  5. Once the cake is covered it will last up to a week unrefrigerated - but kept in a cool place

Mmmmm...sounds really tasty...i will have to give this a try...

Thanks so much for sharing

Kat  ;-)~

Theresa, thank you for this recipe. It sounds simpler than most and I agree that the better the chocolate, the better the final result. One question: how much mousse does this recipe make? thanks again.

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