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which cake mix brand is better? duncan hines? betty crocker? pillsbury?

Hey I have to make a half sheet cake this coming week and I was needing some opinions on which cake brand is better? like which is more tastier and moist and just all around Delicious! =) and holds butter cream frosting as well as fondant.

please let me know what you think =)


Kelsey Thornton

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I prefer Duncan Hines


At what temperature do you bake them?

Marnee Kaufman said:
The all taste good, I really think that Duncan Hines is a better cake it is firmer, yet very moist. I always bake my cakes in a water bath, like you would a cheesecake. The cake does not dome as much and the sides and bottom stay a lighter color.
You don't get a crust on it that way. I use parchment paper on the bottom and rarely have to level my cakes, If I do very little.
Good Luck and Happy Baking

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