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I'm trying out new recipes for buttercream icing. Rather than experimenting with every recipe I find online, I was curious if anyone wanted to share their go-to buttercream. I'm currently using the wilton recipe but, I've gotten some not so good reviews and I'd like to try something new. I wish people would have said something sooner!

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Hi Jackie! I just found this recipe and you may want to try it.

Recipe Using 2 Lb. of Powdered Sugar

2 lbs. powdered sugar

1/3 to 1/2 cup warm water *

2 teaspoon clear vanilla flavoring

7/8 teaspoon near-colorless butter flavoring

3/8 teaspoon popcorn (fine grain) salt, if not available, omit salt

1 lbs. (2 cups) shortening (Sweetex if possible--Crisco will work.) Sweetex is a high-ratio shortening.

Mixing Directions for All Icing Recipes Above


Measure powdered sugar into mixing bowl.


Pour water, clear vanilla, near-colorless butter flavoring, and popcorn salt over powdered sugar and let sit for 1-2 minutes. After sugar has settled some, add one-third of the shortening.


Using the mixer's beater/paddle (not wire whip), begin mixing on low speed until blended then turn mixer to medium speed and mix for 1-2 minutes. If icing forms a ring around the top of the bowl, it needs more water. Add more water a tablespoon at a time until no ring forms. (Icing will soften more also when the remainder of the shortening is added.)


Scrape down bowl to remove any sugar residue on sides and bottom.


Start mixing again on medium speed and continue to mix until icing is smooth** (with absolutely no lumps). 


TO TEST FOR LUMPS‚ with mixer off, run finger through icing to feel for lumps. If lumps are found, continue to mix until lumps are gone.**


It usually takes 2 or more minutes of mixing to achieve smooth icing, but mix as long as necessary during this stage to get the

icing smooth.**


Once the icing is smooth, add remaining two-thirds of shortening and beat at high speed for 2-3 minutes or until shortening is well mixed and volume has increased. If the icing is too firm for it's intended use, add more water a tablespoon at a time.


Do not overmix or icing will be soft and grainy.



NOTE: When removing finished icing from mixing bowl, be sure to avoid scraping any heavy residue that may still be on the bottom or sides of the bowl. This will be lumpy and clog the decorating tips.


* It may be necessary to increase or decrease the amount of water in the recipe depending on the relative humidity or the intended use of the icing. The icing should be firm enough to create the intended decorations.


** Before the remainder of the shortening is added, the icing may be mixed as long as necessary to get rid of sugar lumps (with mixer off, run finger through icing to check for lumps). Once the remaining shortening is added, the friction from overmixing will breakdown (melt) the shortening and cause soft, grainy icing. Be sure to get rid of any lumps in the first mix.




Sharon Zambito's buttercream is very tasty and easy to work with - Sugar Ed Productions also has a video by her showing how to smooth it out.  I have been struggling with smooth buttercream for months now, but if you look at my pictures, I have finally mastered it!!  I recently made one batch and covered a half sheet and very tall 2 layer with decorations, it makes a lot of frosting!


Sharon's Crusting Buttercream Icing

5 Quart Recipe.  Adjust recipe volume to fill your mixer completely.


5 generous cups of high ratio shortening (Sweetex recommended)

5 lbs powdered sugar

4 TBS Wedding Bouquet flavoring (or substitute your flavoring of choice in the appropriate amount)

11-12 TBS hot coffee creamer liquid


Cream the shortening, flavorings and hot liquid with paddle attachment until well combined and creamy.  Then stream in first 3 pounds of powedered sugar with mixer running at speed one.  When incorporated somewhat, stop and scrape down sides of bowl well.  Stream in last 2 pounds of powdered sugar at speed one.  When incorporated, turn the mixer up to speed 6 and let beat for 5-7 minutes until very smooth.  Scrape down sides of bowl very freqently while the mixer is going at speed 6. 

The goal is to get all of the icing down into the belly of the bowl and fill the bowl from side to side with no air gaps around the walls, as well as covering the paddle up to the springs.  If the icing is making a sucking or "kissing" noise after all the sugar is in, add just a few drops more of liquid, while scraping down the sides, with the mixer running until that stops.  You should create a bowl full of icing side to side, where the paddle is completely submerged and beating in a vacuum under the icing.  5-7 minutes at speed 6 and you should have a smooth as silk and nearly airless icing.  Cool before using.

I LOVE Swiss Meringue Butter cream.  The recipe I use is this one and it comes out perfect every time

It does require more flavoring than American buttercream.  I use melted chocolate, fruit curds, extracts,  preserves, nutella, fruit purees,  etc etc (just make sure it is room temperature when you add).   My daughter's favorite is chocolate SMBC.  She says it tastes like chocolate mousse.  Also love chocolate ganache (like to mix dark & milk chocolate).  

thanks for sharing Goreti ;x

Well Jackie
Your going to get as many answers as decorators personal taste. I, like Goreti love SMBC, but my family definitely does not like it. I use 4 types depending on and for whom or what I am making it for. #1 favourite is all butter bc with addition of meringue powder. #2 is flour icing. Similar to SMBC, but not as sweet & family really likes it. #3 is 50/50 butter & high ratio shortening combo, with addition of meringue powder. You have to add butter flavour to this to cut the greasy taste. This icing holds up very well to hot humid weather as the shortening has a high melting point as opposed to butter. And last, #4, all high ratio shortening icing, also with addition of meringue powder. Also excellent for hot humid weather. This icing I very rarely use. It's same as posted above ..... Sharon Zambito's & similar to Winbeckler recipe. Advantage, it does smooth very, very well, that's why it's so popular. But it's SOoooo unhealthy. And you really have to add a lot of butter flavour and other flavourings to disguise the greasy taste. I don't like the mouth feel of the shortening bc.... but that's a personal preference. :o)

June, the first time I tried SMBC  I thought it was still a little sweet because of the ratio of egg whites to sugar.  I decided to try the recipe on the above mentioned blog and like it so much butter.  If you check it out, you will see that it does not follow the 1/2/3 ratio.  

? SMBC ?

Ok Goreti
Thanks. Will definitely check it out.
Gail: SMBC...... short form for : Swiss Meringue Buttercream ....... just like TFL ( thanks for looking ) ..... :o)
The recipe I use is all-shortening. My mom called it "Crisco-cream" and when pressed my fiance said he can taste the shortening as well.

I made this post to see if others use a similar recipe as I do and so far no one does.

I think I'm going to try SMBC and an all butter buttercream first. I've also seen some with heavy cream. Thankfully I return to work in October, I can try all 3 and have an office vote on them.
Thank you all for your help. I appreciate it a lot.

If you do try the SMBC make sure you use unsalted butter.

No problem Jackie. Crank up the Mixmaster....... :o)

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