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CakesWeBake was the first cake site that I discovered after taking up the hobby of cake decorating and it was fabulous.  Lots of different people, from beginners to professionals, posted pictures of their creations and commented on the posts of others.  We shared recipes, helpful hints and encouraged each other.  There were contests and forum discussions which were so enjoyable and helpful. I met so many wonderful people with whom I am still friends, but I miss CakesWeBake as it once was.   

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I feel the same way it's not like it was. No more contests, and alot of people who posted their creations don't any more.

Yes, Maribel, you are one of the people that I miss!  Maybe we should take it upon ourselves to try and revitalize it, but I don't really know how.

I miss it too - this was the first cake site that I joined up on and posted pictures.  For some reason it seems like the upload process had problems for a while and I got frustrated and left.  Today was my first day to get back on in years and I saw your post Sandra.  It's also hard to find time to post on all the different sites and I had to whittle it down.  I liked this site when I was using it because it seems more diverse than others - there seems like there are plenty of beginners up to the pros.  I do feel a bit intimidated on some of the others.  Usually had a comfort level here :)

The site was actually completely unavailable for a few months, but, evidently someone renewed it.  It doesn't seem to be plagued with the spams which were present before.  Thank goodness!  I pulled away because a couple of large professionals started bombing the site with their pictures and trying to sell the rest of us cakes.  Never commented on anyone's work, just bragged on their own.  It got very tiresome.

No way on earth you have any reason to feel intimidated on  ANY site, Becky.  You are one of the most amazing decorators that I know....yeah, yeah, I know, you don't see it.....but you are.  I am in several groups and participate in lots of collaborations and you could certainly hold your own with any group with which I've been involved.  Happy to see you and Maribel here!!  Download pics, when you have time!

I was actually a little apprehensive to log on here to CWB. Sandra sent me a fb message about the site, saying things had been fixed and straightened out. Sadly, myself, Goreti and Katy had to pull out as a Moderators. Site was filled with spam, and had so many other problems that weren’t being addressed. I don’t know if Theresa sill has anything with the CWB site. I too loved the real community of CWB, and also the 1st cake site I joined. And as Beckey said, a little more accepting for newbies. And you could show off work from the simple to the elegant. I don’t think the demise of CWB is all due to the problems with the site completely. Cake Central, and now Cakes Decor are suffering too. I think the massive cake craze that started in 2012 has cooled off a lot. Many who started in business, hung up shingles are no longer. I can name several in my area alone. No more cake business. Dropped off the map, can’t find there FB or business pages anymore.  Either dropped out completely from doing cakes or now doing just for fun. As I said to Sandra, many cake decorators are on specific cake decorating FB pages now. Much more interaction, less criticism (well most of them), advice, sharing and fun. Like CWB use to be. Maintaining a specific dedicated site, be it cake or otherwise, is not easy, and very time consuming. 

And Becky, my goodness, you never have to feel intimidated. You are so flipping talented.  I think I know what site you speak of. I too do not have some of the skills and decorating level of cake decorators who post there. Especially some of the tall, grand celebration cakes. The Rebekah Naomi Wilbur type of cakes!!! But, let’s face it, how many times do we actually have a chance to make one of those fancy 3-4-5 tier or 7 tier types of cakes???? Not me, that’s for sure. And if your making those types of cakes all the time, your obviously gonna get good at it. Beckey, your cakes are always sooooo well done. Perfect finishes, wonderful toppers and embellishments. I aspire to be as good as you!!

Ha! You just said what I have been telling Becky for years, June!  She is freakin' awesome!  I've never seen anyone who can put together a cleaner, more perfect design, not to mention cute as a button for celebration cakes and breathtaking for wedding cakes!  Haha, Becky, told you so!  It felt good to say that (LOL)!

Don't worry, now we visit regular with some unique cake ideas or general chit chat, it will boom again.

Guess I am not doing my part, Christina!  I am so out of habit visiting CWB, I forgot all about it for a while.  I will do better!

Hello everyone... I came for a visit and found some old friends. I agree with all of you. First site I joined and I miss it. Didn't like all the spam and all the people using it as a business forum & not commenting or giving helpful advice. I have slowed down my cake making, only take a few but I still like to interact with all of you and comment on your lovely creations. I don't have a fb account so here and cakes décor are the only ones I visit.

Needless to say I MISS ALL OF YOU...

I'm relpying Betty, but just quick reply and I'm off. Too afraid of getting a virus from this site. I miss the interaction too. I belong to several FB decorating pages. I get my "help fix" there. Looking at the cakes and answering questions when I can. Both Cakes Decor and Cake Central aren't what they use to be. Tons of decorators either not decorating anymore, or can't be bothered with either site to post. Use to be 60-100 + cakes posted a day on CD. Not now. I also think the BIG cake craze that started in 2011 has died off. Many aren't even decorating at all. I think most are in FB decorating pages. More enjoyment there.

Hi Betty! I am thinking we should revitalize CWB ourselves.  We were the most active group anyway.  I really miss talking to you every day!

June, this site responds totally differently than it did before it shut down temporarily.  I am no longer afraid to log on AND the professionals seem to have vacated the site, as well.  Nothing whatsoever against professionals, just the ones who were flooding the site and ruining it for everyone.

I, for one, plan to check in more often and maybe we can generate some enthusiasm!

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