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What Celebrity Cake Designers are saying about Icing Images’ products.

Quote from Linda McClure’s blog regarding our Electronic Cutting
Sheets:“I have worked with several brands of icing sheets. Each product is
great, but I have found that Icing Images is the best to use with the
electronic cutters. The colored sheets are the closest to the consistency of
gum paste, are easy to cut and look amazing on cakes. When I say, “I prefer
Icing Image icing sheets, I really mean it!”

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Julie Bashore says "I absolutely love working with Icing Images' Brand Products. Their icing sheets are so flexible. You can bend them, wrap them, scrunch them and roll them without problems. And their sponge free inks are the best I have ever worked with."  Check out this beautiful creation by Julie Bashore using Icing Images' products.

Chef Mike Terry says "iiDesign is absolutedly amazing endless possibilities!"


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