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What are your 3 favorite cake decorating books or videos??

Hi Ladies!


Hope everyone had a fantasticake weekend!


I am really new to cake deocrating and would love to start a library collection of both books and videos...Would love to know what your go to books or videos you have that would recommend to someone just starting out?

thanks for your comments and have a great week!

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Depends on what you are looking for... if you are brand new and want to learn buttercream and fondant the two I would suggest are Sharon Zambitos "Perfecting the Art of Buttercream" And "Flawless Fondant" These two are fantastic for someone that really wants to learn the basics. As for decorating ideas, Sharon has several DVD's out but I have not invested in any of them. If you are wanting to learn gumpaste flowers, Check out Edna's videos on
She has wonderful videos and be sure to watch as many clips on You tube that you can. Some are pretty bad but there are some good ones on there. You can tell which ones know what they are doing... and they are free! There are a lot of books out on Polymar clay too that have great ideas that also work with fondant and gumpaste.
Edna, who is on this forum has some amazing videos on youtube. they have helped me alot.

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