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Just had to share this story. Yesterday I made a WWE cake for a boy on my son's football team. The mom told me it was a huge hit last night. Cool.  :)

Today, I'm at our game working in the snack shack. The boy's dad comes to the window and orders a coffee. He starts chatting with another mom from another team that is working with me about the party. They were both talking about how amazing the cake was (looks and taste). He said how much the ring looked like a toy it was so realistic. She said she was surprised that this group of 11 year old boys were still talking post-party about the cake and not about the rest of the party!

Neither of them knew I had made it. So I looked at the dad, smiled and said, "Thank you!"

They both looked at me and the lightbulb went on over his head... "You did the cake!" I smiled bigger and said yes. I told them how weird it was for me to be smack in the middle of this conversation. I was like a fly on the wall. Got to "subjectively" hear honest thoughts about my work. 2nd highest point of my day.

The highest point was our 14-6 win!  ;)

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very nice compliments for you. Brilliant to hear the honest truth.

:0). :0)

Wooohooo for you!

Sweet truth! :)))

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