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Hi everyone,

I wanted to know the style of this cake?  The one on the LEFT side... Is it an applique?  How would you go about doing this on a cake? Is it a mould of sorts?

Thank you so much!!

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Yes those are lace appliques.  The one on the left the bottom looks like it's this one  The rest of it I'm not familiar with so couldn't help you.

Yes Mizztry
As Goreti says, there appliqués..... cake on the left is Marvellous Mold. Cake on the right is either piped RI, or a lace mold. I've made a lace's not too hard. Having trouble copying & pasting here. So I'll give you the name of the Youtube video. It's "Making a lace mold" by cakemastersuk. Good luck.
Thank you ladies. I still don't know what mould the upper tiers of the Cakes have. I went through marvellous molds website and nothing comes close to it. Ah...

It's definitely not a marvelous mold.  There are so many out there.  Have no idea who makes it.  The only thing I can think of is to contact the baker who made it to see if they can tell you.  The cake on the left was made by Cotton & Crumbs in the UK.

Yes, I just did that this morning. I hope she gets back to me. Thank you.

I am not a very experienced decorator, but the appliqués on the cake appear to me to have been done with a Cricut Cake machine or some type of cutters, not molds because they have no depth, just flat.  The flowers look very similar to some of the choices on the Cricut Cake "Elegant Cakes" disc.  The bottom trim (which hangs off the edge) does appear to be a mold because it has definition.

The shapes look pretty random to me.  I think Sandra might be right with a Cricut or similar.

...the trim at the bottom of the cake is definitely a Marvelous Molds border mold.

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