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My friend has asked me to make her wedding cake in November. I've made 2 wedding cakes before and each one has had just simple flowers on them.  My friend wants to have floral garland around the bottom of each tier, like a border. I'm assuming I can just use some floral garland from Hobby Lobby but then my question is how can i attach that to the cake? Is it okay for it to be touching the cake? The cake will be all buttercream, no fondant at all. I'm hoping I am just making this harder than it has to be haha! Thanks for y'all's help!

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Personally, I would not want to have the garland touching the cake because the materials are not food safe.  You can always wrap a piece of waxed paper or Cling Wrap around the cake, keeping is separated from the flower garland.  Good luck!  Can't wait to see your masterpiece!

What about attaching a wide band around the cake. Either fondant or ribbon. Then the garland of flowers will be touching the band, and not the cake.

Why don't you use a satin ribbon first and then attach the flowers on them. Moreover, you could use real roses and lilies. Roses and lilies are usually used for floral cakes and so I don't think these flowers touching the cake would do any harm. 

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