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we have found an ongoing business that is going to let us use halve of their store. it used to be a Taco Bell next to a convenience store, and the owner is going to let us use it to set up our bakery, until we can find something else. 
 Wish us luck.

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Congrats! I hope it works out well for you. Please do let us know.
That is so good. I am happy for you. I wish you LOTS of SUCCESS. :-)
I'm so excited for you! I wish you all the best and keep us all're inspiration for all of us who would eventually like to do the same :).
Update on our store. The first one didn't work out so well, so we were driving around town and found an empty restaurant [used to be a sub shop] It had a for sale sign in the window, so we called them to see if they would be interested in leasing it. They came and showed it to us and we got it!! We have been working on it for a week straight, but got it all cleaned up and already have had the health dept come out and gave us our permit. Woo Hoo!!! we are now officially open.
Here is our album of the first few days we were there. The last of them is after we finished cleaning. Still have more to do.
Oh yeah we are having a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on Nov 30, which is my late son's birthday, whom it is named for. We have already joined the Chamber of Commerce, too.
A weird thing- There was a calender on the wall from the previous owner of the bakery and every day was marked off when they were there. The last day that was marked off was July 17 2008. Which was the day we buried Bob,[my son]. I saw that and told Jeanna, my dd, to come and look at it and she got tears in her eyes and said that it was a sign, so it is still up on the wall!!!
Congratulations! I can't wait to see photos of the finished bakery. It's so exciting!

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Congrats and Much Success! Sounds like your son will be there with you in spirit!
Sounds like a great opportunity...Congratulations!!!
We had our grand opening and ribbon cutting this past tuesday [which was also my son's birthday] We have been pretty busy since. Unfortunately I can't be there full time just yet. My dd is running it with help from son's gf. People are wanting donuts more than anything right now. Jeanna[dd] is doing pretty good making them. We sold 8 doz on tuesday. Have some jumbo cupcakes orders, plus several cakes coming up. Here is a picture from our ribbon cutting. The Mayor, a State Representative and several members of the Chamber of Commerce were there.
Best of luck and prosperity to you!!

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