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My daughter and I are featured in a magazine, about how we came to be in business.

check it. thanks for looking.


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What a sad but also great story.


Thanks, she has always been a fighter.

This is an amazing story with much heartache unfortunately yet the outcome is wonderful.  I admire the strength and love which is obviously the driving force of Jeanna to survive all of the hard times most recently.  I admire Mom, Patti who was able to be a supporting factor who realized that the two of them could start a family business with both talents working together.  This is therapy in the work for a very positive outcome!  I'm very sorry for the loss of Robert but keeping his memory alive with the business is wonderful.

I wish you all the great success in life!


thank you so much, This means a lot to both of us. I will read this to my daughters.

We ended up having to close our doors earlier this year. We are trying to get another building soon, but it has been a crazy year.  The monday before Christmas, which would have been a busy week, we were in a car accident, which totaled it out. My dd Jeanna was driving and her dh and MIL were with us too.  I was in the back seat with MIL. A guy[off duty cop] wasn't paying attention and someone stopped to turn and he ran into them and pushed them into us head on. We all had minor bruises, and scrapes, but I had a big cut on my head requiring 14 stitches and 14 staples over that. We both [Jeanna and I] had our hands messed up and still are having problems with them. Still going to drs too. We have a lawsuit in progress, so when we get through with drs, we hope to get enough money to get started again.  We had to stay closed for so many days because of this that we couldn't keep the bills paid.  Then in Jan my dh Jim, had a massive heart attack, that required him to be in the hospital for several days, and have a stent put in. He had to be shocked 5 times. So I don't leave him home by himself too often.  I still haven't got my car replaced yet, so the only thing we have to drive is my dh's ton dump truck. Hopefully we will get all of this straightened out soon. In the meanwhile I could use all of the prayers and good thoughts I can get.  Thanks.


I am sorry to hear that. It is a hard thing to go through, no matter how old they are. That was what Bobby died from. They said that he had an enlarged heart.

 we still have a few orders here and there, but not enough to open right now. We both jammed our thumbs, and I am going to have to practice some more on flowers and things, It hurts to even open a zip lock bag or use a manual can opener still.

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