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I am looking for vintage cupcake picks if anyone knows of a source or has any that they want to part with. I am located in florida but willing to pay for the shipping.

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What are cupcake picks???

Those cute little decorations you stick in a cupcake.

Ok Stephanie

Call me lame or stupid....but what kinds of decorations do you mean??? Can you give me an example?

Is this what you mean Stephanie???? 

Did you have this bunch in your stash, June?

June Kowalczyk said:

Is this what you mean Stephanie???? 


I actually found a website online & I just copied & pasted the picture here. I have never used cupcake picks. Actually, I don't even remember seeing them in any of the cake supply stores I frequent. Can't say I have seem them at Michael's either.  Sure these were used in the 1960's, but don't know anyone around here who uses them now.

Yes this is exactly what I am taking about. Thanks

Sorry Stephanie

I should have posted the website. Now I can't find it. Oh well, there are a ton online who sell these.

Good Luck

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