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Hello everyone,
Can anyone kindly share a good vanilla recipe for wedding cakes, for a 6tier cakes. I need it to be moist/ fluffy as possible and perfect not too dense. The cakes will be stacked onto of one another. I usually make cupcakes and my batter is quite light, not sure if I can use it for a massive cake.
Would really appreciate all you suggestions.

Thank you

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Hi there,
Thank you for your response, what is 'WASC cake?, I live in the U.K and not heard about it? I would like to do the cake from scratch instead of using a box mix. Any suggestions for that pls.

And can I ice a fruit cake withbuttercream?
Thank you Denise, will look it up.
Hello Angela,

Thank you for your response, I'm kinda in a fix here, because the bride has insisted on fruit cake and the whole cake be covered in butter cream..this was a last minute change on her side and I've collected the deposit and started buying stuff.
I could do what she wants but it won't look good to my reputation, so I'm really looking for some Devine option here. Maybe put the butter cream over the marzipan? Oooooo Lord!!!
Do we have two threads converging here?

Can a wedding fruit cake be iced with Buttercream? Posted by aisha on October 2, 2011 at 11:25am in Baking


Vanilla wedding cake Posted by aisha on October 2, 2011 at 11:32am in Baking
I would love to try the traditional European fruit cake.  Anyone know where I might find an authentic recipe with some sort of translation (caster sugar, etc) for US products ?  I have heard so much about it and would love love to try one.  US fruit cake is definitely NOT something I enjoy .. thanks

Monica...I posted my fruit cake recipe somewhere...check the recipe forum.


Fondant is fairly new to Jamaica....and the only way a bride doesn't use fruit cake for her wedding if she absolutely hates it!!!! guess what was  used...a good crusting butterceam...


A good Jamaican fruit cake is MAD heavy...weighs tons, hence it is priced by the pound in most they held up...some cakes are over soaked with with rum and wine and you may see seepage...

thanks Teneisha !  I'll give it a try.  Just really curious about the taste since the fruit cake here is gross..


for us in Jamaica it's great...majority likes it with the "pudding" texture as opposed to the cake like texture...if you love alcohol u will enjoy it...add more or less fruits...spice as you go along till u get a nice flavour...trial and error cake my dear...but it is AMAZING!!!!!! can survive a long time...the wines and the spices...oo la laaaa....!!!
Hi Aisha, would you mind sharing your cupcake recipe with me? I've tried some cupcake recipes in the past - but then it came out heavy - and not light and fluffy (my homemade bread comes out lighter than the cupcake - shock horror)

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