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Hi everybody!!! Does anyone knows how to make these Design in Buttercream like the Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes Chefs? Both of them are Filipinos who stay in London and teach these classes in different countries. I just missed the class here in the Philippines and I still want to learn how to make it. What do you think is their recipe for buttercream?Do you think it is pure shortening?Please see the picture.

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Hi Maria - I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know these ladies and their work is out of this world.  I saw them briefly at an Exhibition in London earlier this year and they are so clever.  But I didn't get to see much because they were so popular and there were people milling around them all the time.  I think you will have to sign up to one of their classes to find out what their 'Secret Buttercream Recipe' is!

It could be rolled buttercream Maria. Apply to cake just like fondant. It is very,very sweet. But that is just a educated guess. Like Katy says, you will probably have to sign up for a class. :o)

Could they be buttercream transfers do we think?

I don't think so Katy. Think some cakes are "painted" on & others are either rolled bc/fondant accents. But as I said earlier..... educated guess..... :o)

Actually yes June, you're probably right - painted on sounds like a good bet to me

Thank you all for your time and replies. What is rolled buttercream? Do you have a recipe for it? They will be back next year here in the Philippines. I missed their class because of the typhoon though I already paid my deposit and it was forfeited. Maybe I just need to wait till they come back.

Maria. Here is a recipe below:
Decorate cakes and cookies with this delicious fondant.
Hope this helps..... :o)

Thank you June!!! You're always helpful...God bless...

No problem Maria. Like to help. I did copy & paste info here twice & don't know why it didn't come up so you just click on it for the site to come up. But at least you can copy yourself...... :o)

Thanks for posting the recipe! I think I might try making fondant again...

This isn't fondant Nancy, but rolled buttercream. Basically just a extremely thick, thick buttercream. It is very sweet tho. Not my cup of tea..... :o)
I have a lot of customers that turn their nose up at regular fondant so I offer rolled buttercream and they usually LOVE it. One customer likes it more than regular buttercream frosting! Sometimes I have problems with it 'cracking' or tearing, but I have very warm hands (which is good AND bad sometimes) and the rolled buttercream actually 'fixes' pretty easily. But back to the original subject... It is very easy to paint on and I do it quite often.... It creates a very nice stained glass effect. I have used straight gel color for more vibrant colors, and also thinned it with water to shade. I am by no means a painter, but this is a very forgiving medium!

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