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I am looking for some advice from people. My girlfriend just celebrated her birthday as well as her twin boy and girl. I was thinking of making one cake for them..This is what I was will be a 2 tier cake..The top tier will be white to represent the mother and half of the bottom tier will be pink and the other half blue.  I wanted this to be in fondant also.. My question is can I make half a cake with pink fondant and the other half with blue? If so, how do I cover up where the colors meet?

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That is a wonderful idea...Thank you so much!
Where the seams are you could also lay a line of white flowers with alternating pink and blue middles.  I look forward to seeing the result!! :)
I was actually thinking of ribbon made out of fondant and that is what would be tying the cakes together. The ribbons being blue, pink and white...The white ribbon symbolozing the mother and she ties everything together......I like the idea of flowers but I am horrible at flowers......

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