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I am hoping to start selling my cupcakes at a local Farmer's Market.  But, I have no idea the best way to transport such a large amount of cupcakes safely.  Any thoughts?   I suspect I could just use many cake boxes.  But, maybe there's a better way.  Thanks.

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Ken, Betty posted some time ago about keeping cupcakes stable for transporting, that I thought was really useful.  Perhaps it would be of some help to you - you could then put the foil into large trays or the base of a big cardboard box to carry them.  Here's the link to the post -

Thanks Katy. That's perfect!

I also found out if you have 2 muffin pans, place your foil over the back of one pan and use the other pan to push foil down forming the "cups". Just be sure to cut foil a little larger than the pan to keep foil cup from splitting when you push down.HTH

Betty, that is a brilliant idea!  Going to remember that one.

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