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Hello Everyone!

not sure if this is the right section to put this in... but...

i nearly had a heart attack transporting my doll-cake the other day. I had to travel 40 minutes, on a country road, so, quite bumpy, and quite a high speed limit. It is winter here, but, it was a sunny day.... I hadnt planned too well how I would transport the princess cake...It was almost a disaster, we scraped by. Lots of stopping and starting the car, driving slowly, air-con on full blast (freezing our butts off!)


wondering if people have tips for transporting cakes. I already watched the wilton one which was okay. But hoping you can all share what youve learned works, and what doesnt.


Im mostly interested in:

keeping cakes from melting in hot weather for a distance of 40 mins to one hour

how to package/store/place odd shaped cakes, like doll cakes or large tiered cakes

is there anyway to soften the blow of the bumpy roads (country driving)


I know one can place a certain number of cakes in an eski. But lots dont fit in an esky. Maybe i just need a bigger one. (i think other countries call eski's.... coolers or chilly bins?)


any and all handy tricks appreciated. The main thing stopping me from starting my cake business is the fear of transporting the cakes such a distance in warmer weather... or any weather!

thanks in advance all!



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We just discussed this subject at my last cake club meeting last week. As a matter of fact,  our administrator demonstrated the making of a box to transport a cake. She actually made a lid to go on top. I do something similar, but no lid. I just emailed my admin to see if there is a YouTube video you could see. Now I transported my nephews wedding cake about 45-50 mi from my house. Part highway, part bumpy road in a conservation area.  It was super hot, probably 27 C.  Here is what I do. Firstly I put dowels in my cakes for stability.  Then I use a strong sturdy box, I get a banana box from my local grocery store. I put non stick matting on the floor of my car trunk, I place my box on top of that. Stays put, no sliding around Of course there is nothing else in my trunk.  Inside the box,  I put another piece of rubber matting, place my cake on top of that. Now, if it is really hot,  some of my cake club ladies have placed dry ice around the cakes. It is cold, but won't won't melt. Think they wrapped the dry ice  in towels, not sure. I don't have access to it, and it would be too $$.  You could also wrap freezer packs in towels and place around your cake, being careful they don't touch the cake. About driving on a bumpy road, well slow & steady....  and pray...... hee hee.   I can also tell you that most of the pro bakers in my cake club DON'T deliver there cakes. Customers pick them up. If they do deliver,  they charge per so many km.

Hope this helps somewhat.   :o)

Just got a email from my cake club administrator Penny. The video on how to make a cake carrier box is by Cal Java on YouTube. So check it out.   :o)

Thankyou SO much! Very helpful! In the summer, it gets to 43c here! So I might have to pre-cool the car with the aircon lol. Ice bricks definately. Can't wait to check out that video!! Much appreciated. I'm offering delivery because I live semi-rural and would not get many customers if I didn't. I would make sure I plan to do something else in town, like the food shopping, in order to make the drive worth it :-) but I won't travel further than 45 mins in order to keep things fair. One lady asked if I'd travel an hour and a half, but didn't want to pay petrol haha no way! Thanks again for your tips!

Glad I could help.


Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your sticky situation! Transporting cakes really isn't too difficult if you plan appropriately. First of all, you should chill your cakes before you transport them for an appropriate time so that they thaw by the time you're at your destination. Use cake supports and transport each tier separately and then assemble the cake on-site so you never have to worry about sliding and whatnot.

Here are two different tutorial that may help you.  Like Kay mentioned, I always transport my cakes chilled.  

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