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A person can hear, but a friend listens for the meaning.
A person can look, but a friend sees the heart.
A person can know, but a friend understands your dreams.
Thanks for being that friend.
Happy Birthday  'Buttercream Betty',
Wish with your heart, dream with your soul, and enjoy every minute of your special day.  God is blessing your day, and all that you do, but best of all, he's blessing you!!  I'm sending some pretty big XXX s your way! Bonnie
Happy  Birthday Dear Betty,  Thank you for being such a supportive person.   So pleased to have gotten aquainted with you on CWB.   You inspire us all.  Enjoy your special day.....and of cake!!!!  June  
happy birthday piper ! from 1 who loves you and your piping ! awesome woman , thanks for being one of my besties, love ya ,have a beautiful birthday and many more ;x   Gali
Happy Birthday 'Mum'!  Love from Katy x
Wishing a very special & talented lady the happiest of birthdays.  May your birthday be as special for you as you make it for countless others with your beautiful cakes.  Denise Rico
Dearest Betty,
I'm so happy to know somebody like you.  I really adore your piping skills.  You are the best!!!  Hope you will have the best birthday ever and I wish you good health, happiness and more beautiful cakes to decorate.
God bless always,
Happy Birthday Betty!!  Wishing you the best on this day, may God bless you each and every day.  Thank you for the pleasure of letting us watch your wonderful cakes.  Luz
Betty, wishing you a happy birthday and many more to come.  Goreti
Happy Birthday, Queen Betty!
You are an inspiration to all of us with your kindness and incredible skill!  It is a privilege having you as a friend.
Love, Sandra
With love on your birthday .... Mai Fathalla

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Thankfully Katy to the rescue!!! Couldn't get this to post from either my IPad or main computer.....

Just noticed the darn picture is missing! It was there when I posted, I promise you. sorry Bonnie - all your hard work creating this and the site is not playing nice with us!

Thanks to the both of you! 

Now, if only Betty finds it!!!  [;o

Don't think the site would accept that moving picture Katy. But the rest of the card is here....that's what matters...

Thank you all for your lovely sentiments, they are so sweet. Sorry about the picture but I loved the words.

You would have laughed! It was kinda cute!

Bonnie - maybe you could send it directly to Betty's email?

Yes, if  had it!

I sent it to her site, but it was not delivered, came back.

Hemmm, ...Ladies, anyone ready for more tea to go with your cake?


having a cup as we speak Bonnie. Just cleared the kitchen up from chocolate piping - God, anyone would think I was 5 years old, the mess I get into!

You know, that actually sounds inviting! ha ha

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