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I've been seeing on cake shows that they are using hand steamers to remove excess powdered sugar from their finished fondant cakes....has anyone ever tried this...or does someone have a better way, other than the vanilla extract and a paint brush?? Ive heard that refrigerating your cake at all times helps remove excess...anyone else have any ideas?? Thanks!!

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I've personally never heard of steaming the actual cake Rachel, but then I'm not a pro.  I would have thought a fondant smoother would have done the job just as well.  Wouldn't steaming it make the icing soft?  I don't know.  Having said that I went to my friend Google and found this discussion thread - does it help at all?  I know some members here rub crisco into their fondant to give it a shine......

Thanks so much Katy!! Yah when I say steam, I mean a hand held steamer, as in a garment steamer....just to go over the cake and hopefully give a semi gloss and clean up the powered sugar traces....hopefully!

Go for it then - I'll be interested to see the results.

If you put steam onto excess icing sugar on your cake you will end up with a sticky mess. 


Use the excess sugar to polish your cake to get the pettinice alovely smooth texture, when the cake is smooth should there be excess sugar take a large paint brush and gently brush off the excess sugar. 


All cakes need to be polished.  Using icing sugar of potatoe start will give you a beautiful finish.  DO NOT USE STEAM 

I have heard that you don't refrigerate fondant.  is this true or not?

faith brandstetter said:

I have heard that you don't refrigerate fondant.  is this true or not?

Penny Paul said:

  For storage purpose you can store in the fridge provided your container is very well sealed.  To store a cake in the fridge exposed  icing will sweat, it will look sticky.  It must be in a container.


There is no need to store fondant in the fridge, store it in a coll place in your kitchen.  I personally would not put a covered cakein the fridge for any reason.

faith brandstetter said:

I have heard that you don't refrigerate fondant.  is this true or not?

I'm so confused!! Lol I read all the responses. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! But I'm still torn...I guess I'm gonna have to just them on test cakes..I'll let you know as I experiment!! See this one lady I speak with makes the most beautiful cakes you have ever seen, and she says she refrigerates her cakes at every stage of decorating!! I had always heard not to put a fondant covered cake in the that threw me for a loop!! Then, I was watching the ultimate baker on TLC with buddy from Carlos bakery and they were using a small hand steamer and barely steaming the fondant to give it a polished look...So I guess I'm gonna try both and let you guys know!! Wish me luck!!

Yes Rachel - the problem for us novices is that everyone has a different train of thought.  I only refrigerate cakes until the fondant is put on, then I don't after that.  As for steaming, it seems to be that you have to be very sparing with the steam.  I'll be very interested to know what your results are, so don't forget to post and let us all know!

Good morning! I've been doing fondant cakes for going on 4 years, and I'm happy to share what's been working for me...maybe won't work for everyone, but I hope I can help someone.....

Instead of powdered or icing sugar, which I started out using, I roll my fondant out on parchment dusted with a bit of cornstarch, which brushes off more easily for me. I just use a big, clean paintbrush that I keep just for this purpose. Some bakers do steam their cakes lightly with a clothes steamer - it will make the fondant shiny, so if you want shiny fondant you can steam it - just do so very, very lightly. Tried it once, I personally didn't care for it but it did not make a sticky mess. I just prefer the fondant  more 'flat' if that would be the proper word for it.

I refrigerate my cakes all the way, and have never used any type of box or container after I put on my fondant. (Use MMF I make myself, not sure if that makes a difference.) Only time I have noticed and sweating is in the heat of summer when it's humid out - blow a fan on it or simply don't touch it while it's coming to temp and you shouldn't have issues. I have never had anything melt or fall apart myself, not to say anyone else hasn't, but I have always had great luck and find that cold cakes transport much more securely. Having the best baking weather right now - we are in the middle of winter, it's 12 degrees outside and the air is dry....I have the best three car walk in refrigerator in the whole world! ;-) Keeps those cakes, cold, cold, cold!! Do love caking this time of the year!! Good luck and let us know how it goes!!

Very useful information Joann - thanks from me.  I also roll my fondant out on cornstarch (cornflour here) and had completely forgotten to mention that.  I find it makes it so much easier to roll as it is so 'slippy' and yes, it doesn't leave as much residue as icing sugar.

Love that we have this site to share with each other! I should clarify a bit...went into the kitchen and looked at the sheets I use - it's technically not parchment paper I roll in (stuff gets expensive!!), although it's pretty much the same thing I think. I found quilon coated baking sheets at my local GFS store. They are made by the Brown Goods Paper Company in Waukegan, Il., and I pay under $4.00 for 50 sheets that are 16 3/8" by 24 3/8", so they are a great size for rolling on. I also use them to line sheet pans for cookies, brownies, etc. and then line boxes when I pack treats for customers. Fantastic stuff!!

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