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To help others find your photos easily, it is helpful to give your pictures proper names. When you upload your photos, please give them the label they deserve, i.e. “pink baby shower cake”. Using the word “cake” in your title helps more people find your picture. As more and more pictures are added, people will be relying on the search tool to find certain kinds of cakes. If your cake is not properly labeled, it won’t be found.

We have just added subcategories to the photo section to group related pictures together. If you add the appropriate category to your title, description or tag, it will go to the right place. So, if you have a photo of a soccer ball cake, just add sports somewhere in the title, description or tag. The choices are: anniversary, baby shower, cartoon, graduation, holiday, misc, sports and wedding. Right now, only the photos that were labeled with these words are showing in the categories. You can edit any of your photos.

If you are having trouble uploading your profile picture or cake photos, the trouble is usually the file size or the file type. Pictures coming off your camera are huge and need to be shrunk. If you do not have a photo editing tool, you can download Irfanview for free at Also, the acceptable file formats are .jpg, .gif and .png. If your picture is not in this format, rename the picture so it does have one of these file extensions.

32 different apps are available to customize your profile page. The link is available in the left hand box of your page. You'll be taken to a list of different apps you can choose from.

Anyone can create a group and it doesn't necessarily have to be a location.

If you want to know when someone is in the chatroom, you'll need to go to the chatroom page and click on the speaker at the bottom of the box. Adjust the volume so it is audible. Then you will hear a sound when you are on the site. If you post in the chatroom, others will know you are there.

If you are not able to view the videos, you may need to download flash. Here is a link to the download.

If you find your emails are getting out of hand, go to your profile, click on profile settings, and adjust your notifications.

If you have any problems figuring anything out, just leave me a comment.

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i have a problem when i go to the chatroom my comment isnt displayed and there does'nt seem to be a add comment button or will i be able to join the chat.
I am still new to this site. ( yesterday) .And what a great site it is! However, I am a bit confused as to what to put in the location category on the page where I upload my photos. I enter tags related to the pics, but what is location? Also, I entered one photo of my giraffe cake in the animal contest, and the only tag I put was 1130. Did I do that correctly? I will eventually find my way around.

Hi Antoinette, welcome! The location is an optional field if you want to put down where the photo was taken. Yes, you did label your contest entry correctly.

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