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having trouble getting a dark purple I'm currently using wilton violet and can't seem to get it deep enough

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Sherry Qualls said:

The easiest way to get color into you MMF is to add the color to the melted marshmallows instead of trying to knead it later. I would think by adding a touch of blue, just a touch at a time, to the violet, you can deepen the color, also remember that colors in MMF will deepen if you let it rest overnight.
If you know you're making one color than it's easiest to add it to melted mix before the sugar. When I color a small batch I glove my hands, add a lot of color to a small piece to get a super deep color than add the colored piece to the rest. As with all icing, as the color sits the more it develops. I always have a batch of black fondant (and red) ready and often I will add a small piece of black fondant to shade the color a little darker. I'm sure you could do it with straight gel, just do it really small amounts because if you go too far you can't take it back!

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