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Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness month may I share something with "my friends".
I am about to CELEBRATE 25 years as a breast cancer survivor. My surgery was on my birthday in 1989, giving me a real NEW birthday to celebrate. So far, So good...
I hope this post gives encouragement to others To
........ get Your Mammogram ...:-)))))

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Congratulations Betty!
By the most weird coincidence, I have just come back from having my 3 yearly mammogram this morning! Up until the age of 70 we get one every three years on the National Health. After 70, you have to request it, but it's still free.
Definitely a reason to celebrate! Congratulations. My doctor makes sure that I get a mammogram every year. Just did one in August.
Congratulations Betty
I had a biopsy on my left breast after my mammogram last year. Thank God everything was ok.....
Thanks a million times. I am already encouraged.
I had mine 4 years ago. God is truly faithful.
Good to know you are ok!!! Take care always and God bless.....


I don't know how I managed to miss this  discussion but I did. As you know, I am a breast cancer survivor too. When I 1st joined CWB, you were one of the very 1st to welcome me & shared w/me that you were also a breast cancer survivor. I had just completed my treatments. It meant so very much to me & I was extremely encouraged to hear that you were a survivor for 20+ years. Breast cancer can be very scary thing even after you're finished w/treatments. Throughout my experience I never questioned "Why me?   I only questioned why some women survive & why some, unfortunately don't.  Congratulations on being a 25 year survivor. I am very thankful & blessed that you are still here & to have met you at just the right time in my life. God's timing is always perfect.

Thank you Denise, I deem myself very lucky, I had and have a great support system even now. Although my husband is now decreased my son & daughter are here and my many friends and now I have all of you. I have always tried to have a positive attitude about most everything. I think that has helped. I hope you continue to be blessed with good health.: ))

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