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This has nothing to do with cake, but just for fun how many countries are represented on this site?

This has nothing to do with cake, just a fun way to get to know other people. How many different countries around the world are represented on this site?

I am from Iowa, United States of America! Where are all you from?

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Surrey, UK x

Tobago as in Trinidad & Tobago!! woohooo

I'm in Westport Ma but was born in St. Michael, Azores, Portugal

WOW! So far there is quite a diverse group of people, and we haven't even gotten on a roll yet!

Cape Town, South Africa

Sydney Australia

Me too :)

Steph Evans said:

Surrey, UK x

Scotland...Uk. X
Scotland.. Uk. X

Alabama, USA

Toronto, Canada :D

So far, it looks like the majority are from different countries instead of the USA! There must be a whole lot of cake baking going on out there! haha

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