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Hello everyone,

Well it's Sunday morning and I'm watching them for what I think is the millionth time... Does anyone know where I could find the icing color set to recreate all the characters? I have this amazing idea that popped into my head and I want to make all the characters in their true color.

Thanks in advance

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LOL Sherry you're really funny ;)

I wish I could be in the backyard but we've got some snow on the ground so it's not ideal :(

I saw the set at wilton but I think that was only for the pablo character cake. Thanks for the other links I'll check them out

Sherry Qualls said:
oops sorry Suzanne, its been a pretty long time since I had wee want the colors for the had to google them...didn't realize what it was...I seriously thought you were in the back yard AGAIN!!!! LOLOL. and I was thinking to myself "well what is she watching for the millionth time in the back yard AGAIN!! Guess I am really out of the loop with tiny tot things :D

Anyway Instant Paste sells a set of neon colors

And so does Americolor

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