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Hi all Texas Bakers (or Texas Bakers supporters),


Currently the governor of Texas has a bill sitting on his desk that would allow bakers in the state of Texas to sell their baked goods directly to the consumer, so long as proper labeling is applied. 


Please - if you want to see this pass (or even if it doesn't effect your personally but you can spare 30 seconds of your time) go the the governor's contact page and write a message or call and tell the staff member who takes messages, that you want the governor to sign SB 81. 


Here's the info you need to contact the governor's office. Thank you so much.

Call the governor and leave a message to sign "SB 81". 1-800-252-9600.
Or email a message thru the web page

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Done :)


Thanks so much! Every call and email counts!!

Oh I know!  I'm so excited about all of it!!!  We are THIIIIS close :)


Just emailed!! PRAYING this will pass!


Me too! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that Tracey. Every contact helps our cause. They are keeping a tally of "for" and "against" phone calls and emails. So we want to make sure the "for" side has more!!! Thank you! Spread the word to your friends and family!
I just sent my email to the Governor :)
Thank you so much! Your help is much appreciated!!!

In regard to this SB 81 that was passed, can someone tell me if we are allowed to use fresh fruit in our cakes, pastries, etc.?

Hi Melodie,

You can't use perishable fillings or frostings (in other words you can't use things that must be kept in the refrigerator until serving). Your cakes and pastries must be able to stand at room temp.

Here's the website with all the info...

Also, you might want to 'like' the Texas Baker's Bill page on Facebook so you can stay up todate.

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